Rental Charter


Our devotion to the customer

  • We will provide good, clean and tidy rental vehicles and trailers.
  • We cover all the routine servicing, MOT’s and preventative maintenance.
  • All reasonable tyre wear is covered.
  • 24-hour national breakdown & emergency assistance cover is available
  • We provide a free replacement trailer on MOT.
  • We offer a paperless service and all relevant compliance documents.
  • All our PMI and service documents are sent electronically within.

What we simply require in return

MOTs, Servicing and on-site PMIs

  • We try and plan our service engineers and agents wherever possible for routine servicing, so please give us as much notice as possible- at least 24 hours. (there will obviously be situations where this cannot be helped, but if we try and stick to this planning, we can provide our customers with a much better service).
  • All MOTs are to be planned in with the routine PMIs.
  • All trailers are to be delivered back to Leighton Buzzard for MOTs or to our service agent locally to the customer’s operating depot.
  • If a pre-planned PMI or defect is booked in and the vehicle or trailer is not on site when we attend-this could result in a call out charge being made.


  • Any worn tyre put through to the office to be replaced after 4pm or before 8am we will be liable to a call out and will have to pass this cost on. Tyres do not wear out overnight!


  • The customer is liable for all damage sustained during the hire period.
  • The customer is liable for all punctures, excessive tyre wear & damage during the hire period.

Call out procedure

In all circumstances please call our main office number 01525 379995 for any issues trailer or vehicle related. Your call will be dealt with by a member of the BS Trailers staff during office hours. Outside of those hours your call will be handled by one of our 24hr National Breakdown & Emergency Assistance Team.


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