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With a fleet of over 3,000, BS Trailer Services offer a range of styles and specifications. We can custom-tailor any trailer to your requirements, allowing your business to reach its full potential.


Curtainsider trailers are the staple trailer for the road haulage industry. They offer quick and easy side loading options, as well as loading through the back doors. Our fleet consists of straight-frame curtainsiders, tri-axle and tandem axle options. 

Box Trailers

Box trailers are mainly used for transporting products within the parcel delivery and supermarket sectors. High-value or perishable goods need transporting on pallets or in roll cages. These are easily transferred within a Box trailer and allow your business to operate at its full potential.

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers are used for the transit of products at controlled temperatures. Temperature-sensitive goods like medicine and frozen food need a steady climate to keep their integrity. Cold room trailer hire is both attractive and cost-efficient. We have single and multi-temperature options available on our fleet.


Skellies are used for the sole purpose of transporting shipping containers. Standard specification trailers can move containers ranging from 20 to 45 ft. We have a wide variety of fixed, sliding and multi-function available for hire. 

Double Deckers

Double Deck trailers are designed to offer twice the carrying capacity of a standard single deck. Mainly used for the distribution of light goods, this trailer can reduce your number of trips by half. Double Decker trailers are available  in both curtainsider and box van options. Both of these options are also available as single deckers.


Described as the ‘workhorse trailer’, Flatbed trailers are widely used and highly adaptable. Flatbeds are used to transport products which don’t need protection from the elements, such as timber, steel and bagged aggregates.

Urban Trailers

This trailer is designed for urban areas where space is limited and manoeuvrability is challenging. A standard Urban trailer has an overall length of 10m. They are also known as Short trailers. Available in the format of curtainsider, box van and refrigerated body types.

PSK Trailers

PSK trailers are a hybrid between the standard Flatbed and the Skeletal. This allows for more versatility, with the added benefit of twistlocks fitted to carry containers. This multifunctional tri-axle platform trailer has all the benefits of a flat platform. 


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