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Refrigerated HGV Trailers

From £250 Per Week

BS Trailers is a refrigerated trailer hire specialist. We help fleet operators keep their cargo at its best with a range of flexible fridge hire options. Our Refrigerated HGV Trailer Hire fleet has both single and multi-temperature fridge trailers, available to rent on short-term, long-term and contract hire.

Our fridge and freezer trailers are available in multiple sizes and specs, with both tandem and tri-axle options ready to go for contract booking or immediate hire. Available for nationwide delivery or same-day collection from LU7.

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Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Refrigerated Trailer Hire FAQs

If you require any assistance or further information please contact our team today on 01525 574269.

Fridge trailer hire rates start from £250 per week. This can change based on the size and specs of the trailer.

We reserve the right to adjust pricing based on:

Contract length.

Service cycle.

Operators licence terms.

Hire volume.

Credit rating.

Any relevant economic factors.

No, the operator will not be required to power our mobile refrigeration vehicles. All our fridge trailers are equipped with an electric standby unit. This can be connected to three-phase power when free-standing. They also have a diesel donkey engine to power the container while in transit.

As an industry standard, fridge trailers can store cargo between +25 to -25. For more specific queries regarding our fridge trailers, please contact the office on 01525 574270.

Fridge trailers are a great way to transport temperature-sensitive goods, keeping them fresh and protected on the go. Our fleet offers both single and multi-temperature options (fridge and freezer trailers) to suit different needs. 

For cargo like medicine and frozen food, it’s important to maintain a consistent climate during transit. That’s why renting a cold room trailer is a smart choice for fresh produce suppliers. It’s easy and cost-effective.

If you only need one temperature setting, our mobile freezer and chiller trailers are perfect. They can handle anything from chilled to frozen goods. If you’re transporting multiple products that need different temperatures, our multi-temperature trailers are the way to go.


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