Why Rent?


4 Reasons why you should rent

At times, rental can be seen as a 'necessary evil' amongst fleet managers but this is a perception that needs to change in order to allow business growth because the benefits of rental speak for themselves.

1. Choice

As most new contracts get awarded just prior to starting (despite your bid or tender being in months before) buying trailers for that contract can be problematic with new build orders currently taking over 12 months to arrive. Finding a new stock trailer is difficult in itself, and if you manage it, you can only get what you are given. Renting a trailer can be done the same day as you make the initial enquiry and the choice of trailers is extensive.

2. Credit Line/ Cash Flow

Renting or leasing is always ‘off balance sheet’ and therefore does not affect your credit line facility, thus allowing you more borrowing potential and a better flow of cash should you need to invest in your business in other areas such as machinery or premises. Renting also overcomes any unexpected costly issues associated with the ownership of ageing, depreciating assets, thus improving your company’s cash flow.

3. Fixed Costs

Good budgeting makes for maximum profitability, when you remove the unexpected costs. A weekly fixed fee rental package means that there are no hidden costs, and no maintenance, MOT, tyre replacement or service headaches. A 24-hour rapid response breakdown and repairs team means that your fleet can keep operating at full capacity at all times, day and night.

4. Flexibility

With hire terms from 1 day to 10 years, it is you the customer that decides the period you require the equipment for. You decide what you need and for how long, meaning you will never be paying for a depreciating asset that isn’t on the road earning you money.

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